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Clever Crane Special Self-Erecting Crane

The Clever Crane is a revolutionary self-erecting crane covered by 3 international patents. Ideal for any type of construction or renovation work where the access and positioning spaces of the crane are limited, such as narrow streets, historical centres or obstacles of various kinds.

Small in size and with motorized carriage, the crane can be transported in extremely small spaces.

Characteristics that distinguish it:

- it moves independently without towing means.

- It can be positioned on 4 legs of 3 m height, independent of each other, with telescopic base.

- It can also be moved sideways for access to any building site or for easy access to flush with the wall.

- Allows one man to position the crane on the workstation.

- It is equipped with a third telescopic tower that can reach heights from 14 to 30.50mt.

- It allows a reduction in length of about 45% of the crane when towed and an increase of about 35% in height of the crane in service.

- It is equipped with three inverters that allow to automatically obtain progressive speeds on the three movements according to the load.

- The single-phase series allows, on lifting, exceptional performances with service speed from 0 to 46 mt/min. fed with single-phase 3Kw or three-phase 9Kw current.

- Climbs and descends from the balance with slides, overcoming slopes of 25%.

- Gives the possibility to apply its motorized wagon to other types of self-erecting cranes and tower cranes

- Motorized wagon with four steering wheels


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