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A brand that has been present on the European market for over 30 years and offers consolidated experience in the construction crane sector.

TGM offers a range of products designed and built with the aim of safety, efficiency and practicality necessary to meet the various needs that each type of construction site requires.

The models GR 35L, GR 40 L and GR 50L characterized by 6mt elements with a maximum weight of less than 1100 kg, are particularly suitable for transport and assembly in historic city centers or for work to be carried out with the use of helicopters. We distinguish the model GR 35 VR - Centro Storici (old town centres), whose tower assembly is carried out with telescopic cage and the boom with varante system.

These models in particular, have found great success in the Swiss market as they are suitable for the territory that is diversified by lakes and mountains.


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